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Terms and Conditions


Instructions for Next Of Kin or Executors When Death Occurs
When death occurs please contact us via the 24 Hour Bereavement Helpline Number detailed, on the plan certificate/plan cards you have, you will be in touch with a professional who knows what to do - they will arrange and advise on any immediate steps to be taken.

In these conditions the words listed below shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires: The Company means Iberian Funeral Plans and its corporate bankers BBVA/Santander Bank and HSBC (who hold client payments) and nominated funeral directors. Plan Holder means you or, where you are purchasing the Funeral Plan for the benefit of some other person, that other person.

No contract shall exist between you and the Company until the plan application has been signed and dated on behalf of the Company to indicate its acceptance of the proposal. When this has been done, this will be the date of the Plan. Signing of our application form implies acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Obligations of the Company
Upon payment for the Plan of the sum shown in the Agreement the Company will provide or procure the services/benefits stipulated in the Plan (when required) upon the following conditions and subject also to the exclusions and limitations detailed below. If any of the Services/benefits stipulated in the Plan are unavailable at the time of the funeral the Company will ensure that substitute services/benefits are provided which are as near as practicable equivalent to the services stated in the Plan

Exclusions and Limitations

The Funeral service will be held within 24/72 hours (for a Beech Plan) at the funeral director's discretion or if a Cedar Plan within the provisions of the plan.

For Plans which provide for cremation, no further charges for disbursements will be made except in any of the specific instances referred to below. Should any of these apply then additional charges will be due from you or your Personal Representatives (or other person who arranges the funeral) to the Funeral Director in accordance with their payment terms. These are as follows:-
If the Plan Holder uses or specifies an alternate crematorium or Funeral Director other than those of our contracted funeral director and contracted facilities and if the costs are greater than our contracted costs then the additional charges will be levied to the family. The fee charged by the Minister of Religion or Officiate to the extent that it exceeds the maximum amount recommended. Any legislative amendments which may affect the price and which are outside of our control.

For plans which provide for Burial, The Company shall be responsible for provision of service as specified BUT the plan price excludes purchase of the Burial Plot or Niche together with the on-going rental of the niche/plot. (Charges for disbursements shall apply as above in cremation).

The funeral service will be arranged in accordance with the specified plan or at a time convenient to the Personal Representatives of the Plan Holder, subject to the availability of the Funeral Director. An additional charge may be due to the Funeral Director in accordance with their payment terms should the Plan Holder's Personal Representative (or other person who arranges the funeral) require the funeral to take place at a weekend or public holiday.

Change of Address/Funeral Director
The Plan provides for the funeral to be conducted by the Nominated Funeral Director. If the Plan Holder nominates their own funeral director then additional charges may be due and must be settled by the plan holder's representative directly with their nominated choice of Funeral Director and all monies paid for the plan will constitute a contribution to the service subject to our administration fees. If the plan holder changes their permanent address you must notify the Company whereupon the Company will have the right to nominate an appropriate alternative Funeral Director.

Dual Certification
Dual Certification is an option available at the clients request for Cedar Plan’s only and enables the plan holder to enjoy plan benefits (different from the plan value) both in Spain, Portugal and off shore islands (Iberian Peninsula) together with the UK or any other EU Country. The plan member must provide a secondary address/residence that is registered with the company. The plan benefits included in all Iberian plans are transferable to the UK or other EU Country (subject to exclusions and limitations listed above) should the plan member relocate their permanent residence and also subject to procedures on death of plan holder (below). It is the plan holder's responsibility to notify the Company of this change of residential status to ensure service. There are certain changes to the plans with regards to provision of service in the UK and outside of Spain and Portugal. The disbursement costs which are fully covered for plans carried out in Spain, Portugal and their offshore islands may not be guaranteed in the UK, or outside of Spain and Portugal, but rather will be a contribution to the disbursement costs at the time of provision of service. Alternatively with regards to clients resident in the UK the client has the option to upgrade to a UK plan.

Payment by Instalments
As an alternative to making a single payment you may if you wish pay by Instalments (Maximum period 60 months). If you have selected the Instalment Option your payments should be shown on the Application Form and our invoice/statement. If regular payments are not made in accordance with the plan agreement or payment is not completed within the maximum period of 60 months the company reserves the right to apply interest at 8% per annum of the original plan price.

If the Plan has not been cancelled or completed, then in the event of the death of the Plan Holder before all the instalments are paid the Company will dependent on the plan taken out produce a final balance for settlement or confirmation of proposal for payment of the final balance prior to provision of service, should settlement / confirmation not be advised to the company then the company has the right to postpone the service until such time as the balance is paid or confirmation received with regards to payment. Any additional day's mortuary fees will be charged.

Procedure on Death of Plan Holder
As soon as the Company has been informed of the death of the Plan Holder, (Upon death our helpline number as specified on the cards provided must be phoned) , and been given such information as is necessary, together with confirmation that the plan member has been confirmed as deceased by a medical practioner and the appropriate certificate issued - The Contracted Funeral Directors will undertake the funeral in accordance with the Specified Plan and Options (if any). It is the customer's Personal representative's responsibility to phone the bereavement line number, they will be in contact with our funeral directors. In the event that this number is not contacted additional costs may be incurred or service refused. Only the documentation presented by the company or their representative should be signed (no other documents should be signed by you). If you sign documents not presented by our funeral director you are legally bound by that signature and no refund or payment towards the difference in costs will be paid by the Company. The Funeral Director's charges will be settled by the company and in the case of provision of service in the UK, or outside of Spain and Portugal a contribution will be made towards the costs equivalent to the companies contracted cost of Cremation in Spain. All arrangements for the funeral will be made direct between the Plan Holder's Personal Representatives and the Funeral Director, (subject to settlement of instalment plans), and any additions to the specified plan as listed on the plan certificate will be invoiced separately to the Plan Holders Personal Representative or the Plan Holders Estate (by the Funeral Director), for example - an additional Limousine on the day of the funeral, Obituary notice, additional days mortuary charges, Flowers are not included in this plan and therefore will be charged for separately by the funeral director. The exception being where any additions/changes to the plan are made prior to death and paid for pre death.

The exception being where any additions/changes to the plan are made prior to death and paid for pre death.

Whether you are paying for the Plan by instalments or in a lump sum you or your Personal Representatives have the right to cancel the Plan upon giving to the Company written notice to this effect within 14 days after the Company has signed the Agreement and issued a membership certificate. All payments made to the date of termination will be repaid to you or your Personal Representatives (without interest). Any cancellation after this period will incur a Cancellation Fee/Administration Charge of 20% of the value of the plan at the time the plan was taken out.

The Company cannot be held responsible for the acts or omissions of the Funeral Director appointed unless the Company has been negligent in its appointment. All sums received by the Company constitute a pre-payment towards the cost of the funeral described in the Plan in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and are deposited with Our Bankers, into the funeral directors account (FDA) until requested for payment for provision of service by the contracted funeral director. Neither you nor (if different) the Plan Holder nor your respective Personal Representatives shall be entitled to any interest on or income from any part of the sum paid to the Company in connection with the Plan and any right which you or your Personal Representatives may have to any refund of sums paid are governed strictly by the terms of this Agreement. The Company shall have no further obligations to you, the Plan Holder (if different) or your respective Personal Representatives, whether financial or otherwise, save as expressly set out in these Terms. You may not assign your rights and obligations under the Agreement. Any notice or other information required or authorised by these Terms shall be notified giving you seven days prior notice if and when it becomes necessary or appropriate to do so in order for us to comply with legal, fiscal or regulatory requirements.

Administration Charge
The administration charge on all plans is included in all the prices quoted but is equivalent to 20% of the overall cost of the funeral plan-or such lesser amount as the Company may specify from time to time, either in relation to any individual Plan or to its Plans generally.

Date 1st June 2016
Reg/Cif IFP-Iberian Funeral Plans LDA 510037275
Reg/Cif IFP-Iberian Funeral Plans SL 11138305 / B93156107

These terms and conditions are effective from 01.11.2017

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