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Please visit this page for up to date information of any changes. Updated September 2017.

Date 1st September 2017
Following a letter being sent by the Company to all our UK resident clients there has been some confusion as to why a plan purchased in Spain - (a Euro priced plan) for provision of service in Spain - whilst covering all the costs of provision of service under the plan chosen, does NOT necessarily guarantee the costs for those who have returned to the UK either permanently or under Dual Certification, please read below:

Plans purchased in Spain requiring dual country cover - require that the Company holds a residential address in the UK, it cannot be assumed that a next of kin address will be used furthermore in not providing an address then this could delay service being provided.

If it is your intention to return to the UK then a relevant UK address must be provided on your return. On return to the UK the plan holder will be issued with new UK documentation and whilst the plan benefits are nearly the same as Spain they are not an exact Duplicate.

With regards to the plan value, Iberian have agreements in place for the provision of service relating specifically to the plan benefits stipulated - and whilst in Spain disbursement costs (for example doctor's fees, cremation costs) are covered, on plans purchased in Spain and used in the UK these costs are not guaranteed, and become a contribution to the current disbursement costs at the time the service is required.

We cannot advise in advance what these costs are as they vary throughout the UK and are out of the funeral directors control.

Any changes to the services detailed in the plan documentation will not be covered by the Company and may require additional payment from the family direct to the funeral director.

Important - New Procedures Announcement - 20th December 2016

Date 20.12.2016
Dear Sir or Madam,

Re your Funeral Plan

In accordance with the companies terms and conditions we are writing to advise/clarify a change in our procedures with immediate effect.

Upon death our funeral directors IBERIAN SERVICIOS FUNERIAS must be phoned on the free phone number:

900 104 351 as detailed on the Plan Membership Cards

Your call will be registered and you will immediately be advised of our contracted funeral directors name.

On no account must you sign any documentation unless offered to you by ISF or their contracted funeral director.

Our funeral directors will liase with the family or representative of the deceased to make arrangements for provision of service under the terms of the plan you have with Iberian including facilities to be used, date of service and legal requirements to enable the service to go ahead. The company (Iberian) will not be responsible for meeting any costs for provision of service should our contracted funeral directors and the agreed facilities not be used.

You will incur additional charges from Iberian Servicios Funeraria due to the use of non-contracted funeral directors including VAT/IVA and the additional costs over the Iberians contracted price.

Alternatively: should you use the services of a non-contracted funeral director the company reserves the right to treat this as a cancellation and in accordance with our terms and conditions return the cost of the plan, less 20% of the plan value (deducted from monies received by the company).

It is with regret that we take these steps but they have to be taken in response to actions beyond our control.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Stephen Nelson Managing Director Iberian Group

Tel: 952490690/952595691/951 203994

We would like to advise all our clients that we have relocated our Offices in Manilva/Sabinillas to the following location:
Edificio Centro Comercial
El Duque, first floor
San Luis de Sabinillas
This office will be operational from the 9th January 2017.

You contact Joanne or Ramsay on 952 490 690 or 952 893 694

Alternatively you can call on free phone Spain 900 103 681
or e-mail

01 September 2016
We are proud to announce that our own in house Funeral directors
Iberian Servicios Funerarias SL
are now fully operative and in this connection we would like to advise all our clients (Iberian Funeral Plans) that you should now have had your New Plan membership cards - detailing the bereavement line number to call in the event of death:

00 34 900 408 351

This is a 24hour line operated by our funeral directors - Iberian Servicios Funerarias - they are responsible for the handling of incoming calls - allocation of contracted funeral directors and management of funeral services in accordance with the specified plan and our Companies terms and conditions with regards to use of contracted funeral directors, and premises for the provision of service.

Should you wish to use alternate funeral directors or premises for the purposes of the deceased's funeral service there may be additional costs involved - we cannot guarantee the cost of service will be met by the plan or plan contribution if a third party is used - but only by the use of our own contracted funeral directors and their premises.

Iberian Funeral Plans are pleased to announce the addition of a New Company to the Group
Iberian Servicios Funerarias SL

ISF are our own in house Funeral Directors and are managed by Multi lingual speakers with over 25 years in the funeral director business.

They offer full funeral services together funeral plans and pre-payment options to all nationalities living in Spain.

Languages spoken include English, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese.

They can be contacted on ( 00 34) 952 491 788 or their free phone bereavement line of 900 104 351

There unique web site and will be available shortly.

This business compliments the services offered by SPN and IFP throughout Spain, Portugal and the UK, where we operate with regards to the provision of Funeral Plans and Funeral Services.

Date 01.06.2016
We write to clarify a change which has been made to our terms and conditions effective of this date with regards to dual certification.

Without exception, all plans taken out in Spain and Portugal have been purchased in Euros and are based on the service being carried out in Spain by the Companies contracted funeral directors, the price is reflected as such - one of the reasons dual certification is included to ensure that people who move back to the UK have confidence that the monies paid will not be lost.

The plan benefits are transferable in that by contacting our bereavement line number 0034 900 104 351 at the time of death, our funeral directors will ensure that the benefits listed on your plan are provided. However the monies paid may not necessarily cover the cost of the funeral service in the UK due the variance in pricing throughout the UK together with price increases which have pushed the average cost of a funeral service in the UK to £4000 (when compared to the pricing of funerals in Spain and Portugal) and prices are increasing at more than 5% per annum.

Wherever possible we endeavor to provide a service within the price paid but this is not always achievable, furthermore as you no doubt appreciate the exchange rate fluctuations over the past years have not only caused issues with pension payments, but have also affected the cost of funeral services based on a Euro priced service - as it was when the plan was taken out when your main residence was in Spain.

We are in the process of writing to all our clients with regards to our operating procedures, as of this date and also clarifying the number to contact when death occurs.

We are also clarifying our terms and conditions with regards to dual certification, the specific section advises:

Dual Certification

Dual Certification is included in all Iberian plans and enables the plan holder to enjoy plan benefits both in Spain, Portugal and off shore islands (Iberian Peninsula) together with the UK or any other EU Country where the plan member provides a secondary address/residence that is registered with the company. The plan benefits included in all Iberian plans are transferable to the UK or other EU Country (subject to exclusions and limitations listed above) should the plan member relocate their permanent residence and also subject to procedures on death of plan holder (below). It is the plan holder's responsibility to notify the Company of this change of residential status to ensure service. There are certain changes to the plans with regards to provision of service in the UK. The disbursement costs which are fully covered for plans carried out in Spain, Portugal and their offshore islands may not be guaranteed in the UK, but will be a contribution to the disbursement costs at the time of provision of service. Alternatively, the client has the option to upgrade to a UK plan.

This action has been taken not as an attempt by Iberian to obtain more money from you it's a change made as a consequence of steeply rising costs in the UK over which we have no control - furthermore any additional funds needed for the provision of service in the UK would not be payable to Iberian but to the UK funeral director carrying out the service.

We are sorry to advise this amendment but the current economic climate has forced this change - it does not affect our clients resident in Spain - we hope that plan holders who have moved back to the UK or have dual certification will accept that the reasons for this are outside of our control - and that we have had to take this course of action for the benefit of all our clients.

IFP - Iberian SL

June 2016
We would like to advise all our clients that we have reviewed our terms and conditions specifically with regards to dual certification in the light of increased pricing from UK funeral directors, outside of our control, these revised terms and conditions can be viewed on our site under the section OTHER.

New office locations in Benijofar and Castalla (Alicante, Spain)

Alicante North Costa Blanca
Iberian Funeral Plans SL
Calle Manuel De Falla 57,
Castalla 03420

Telephone:(+34) 965 993 498

Alicante South Costa Blanca
Iberian Funeral Plans SL
Avenida Fredarico Garcia #45,
Local #8
Benijofar 03178

Telephone:(+34) 965 993 498

New office in Spain
We are pleased to announce the opening of our New Office in Alhaurin el Grand in Spain:

Iberian Funeral Plans SL
#1 Plaza Baja
Alhaurin el Grande
29120, Malaga

Telephone:(+34) 952 49 17 88 or 952 59 56 91

Iberian Funeral plans have exemption from IVA/VAT under European Intracomunitario fiscal regulations. You can download / see the first certificate here and another another related certificate here

Your Iberian Funeral Plan will provide for all the necessary items for the plan holder and relatives, once the initial call is received by the 24 hour Bereavement Helpline number, ( the number is on the plan membership cards )

Once your call has been received the local office of our contracted Funeral Director will be informed and they will telephone you directly (normally within 1 hour ) to advise you when they will collect the deceased. They will need the passport, NIE and SIP card of the deceased, for purposes of identity and inclusion on the death certificate.

The deceased will be taken to one of their centralised Funeral Homes, which is not necessarily the actual Tanatorio where the service takes place. Arrangements will then be made for an appointment for the next of kin or family representative to meet with the Funeral Director (normally this will be at home) to discuss the final arrangements for the funeral itself, including the time and place. The Funeral Director will also need the passport and NIE of the person who is organising the funeral. If there is to be a funeral service he will check the availability of the Minister of Religion or Humanist speaker.

The minister will contact the family of the deceased to discuss the service that is required and any specific requirements. Please remember that if flowers are required these must be arranged separately as none of the Iberian Funeral Plans include floral tributes. The Funeral Directors will be able to provide Floral tributes and the costs for these are payable directly to the Funeral Directors The Funeral Director will contact you when the ashes are available. Death certificates will be provided once completed. (Please be aware that the certificates need to be signed by a Judge and therefore normally take 10 to 14 days to obtain, but at certain times can take longer, but this is beyond our control).

Please remember that just like other businesses, Funeral Directors can get very busy. Your calls will be dealt with in strict order, but as swiftly and sensitively as possible.

New Office
IFP are proud to announce that we have opened a new office in November 2012 in Manilva to service the western Costa del Sol area of Southern Spain.

Iberian Funeral Plans SL (Costa del Sol West) - Serving Southern Spain/Andalucia
Edifico Los Jardines, Bloque V, Local 1B,
San Luis de Sabinillas, Manilva, 29692

Phone (00 34) 952 490 690

Terms and Conditions
Please note in October 2012 our terms and conditions page has been updated to show the new rate of Spanish IVA (VAT) from 18% to 21% - implemented by the Spanish goverment and our exemption position regarding VAT/IVA